Fee For Service Consultants

For Dentists, By Dentists

Want to start dropping insurances? Need a plan?

Develop a step by step plan unique to your practice to start dropping insurances and increase your productivity

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish a transition plan with you to drop insurances and become an out of network dental practice. You will have the opportunity to work one on one with a DENTIST as a partner to fully innovate and guide your practice to what you want it to be.

No more low fees. No more insurance hassle. No more patients doing only what their insurance will cover. That's the reality of an OON/FFS practice.

How We Work With You

As a partner in this transition, we will be just as invested as you in attaining the result you desire. This is why we will provide:


As a client, you will also get access to exclusive pricing with some of our partners in the following areas:

Solidify a transition plan and have a dentist come out to your practice for an evaluation and formulate a plan with you!


Email: info@ffsconsultants.com

Phone: 352-316-7795