The Process

Intro Consultation

A chance for discussion to give some details and background about what you're looking to achieve. This is an intro consultation to discuss what the process will mean for you and determine if this is the right fit for your practice. One of the things we will discuss is why you want to go out of network and the long term goal for your practice.

Onboarding Process

This is where we get all the basics of your office before putting together a plan of action. Things we will discuss:

- Insurance Analysis - How much are you writing off from being in network? How many cash patients do you need to replace your insurance patients?

- Timeline - What is your desired timeline and what makes sense to your practice?

- Value - How do we build value in the office and get team buy-in?

- Systems - What systems are in place and what needs to change? 

Office Visit

While optional, the office visit is intended to observe your existing practice and systems in action, review your customized office plan in person, and start moving towards your goal of achieving an OON/FFS practice. Among other things, this is where we review two of the most important things in the office workflow:

- The New Patient Experience - how does it currently work and what changes are needed to deliver a stellar new patient experience?

- Points of Contact - identify all patient touchpoints so we can improve on them 


Implementation starts immediately but this is where we really start pushing through with your customized plan and implementing real changes in your practice as deemed fit. This will be based off your desired timeline that we discussed in the onboarding process. As your partner in the transition, you will be able to reach out through phone and email with questions and regular meetings will be held to discuss the progression of the transition.


Real changes lead to real results. Over time, as things are implemented you should see the positive effects on the practice and the benefits of being an out of network practice! We will be available for you to discuss any adaptations that need to be implemented as results start coming in and you start the seeing the effects.